Chhaimale Village Project


Report January 2019

Since my last report in October 2018 we enjoyed the official opening of the project on the 19th November 2018 with representatives from HOPE Canada, UK, India and Charles Ham from HOPE Global Disaster Relief.

Building Work

During December the two main contractors completed the list of work and repairs that were needed, and we were able to sign off and make the final payments. Overall the work has been done to a satisfactory standard, and the ongoing maintenance should be minimal.


Sinks and stainless-steel tables have been fitted in the factory area. Other equipment including gas burners and a hood and flue will need to be purchased along with storage containers in readiness for the factory to be operational for the pear harvest in August of this year.

Use of Centre

The centre now has an electricity supply and internet connection and is fully furnished. Anu Cobain, HWW Nepal Country Director, is meeting this week with local schools to organise and set up computer and English training sessions to begin in mid-February.

Micro Loan Programme

The full £45,000 donated by the Thames Valley church in the UK has been transferred to HOPE Nepal. This is NPR 66 Lakh. Of this NPR 50 Lakh has been transferred to the loan agent in the village which will generate 7% interest and NPR 16 Lakh has been deposited in a savings account and will generate 12.5% interest. This will produce an income of around NPR 3.5 Lakh per year towards the running of the centre.

John Partington



Build Date: 05/02/2020