The Village of Hope Bandaging Units, East Delhi.

By Alison Clark-Morris (Podiatrist, registered with HCPC)

This year saw the third consecutive year that I have had the opportunity to work in the bandaging units at the Village of Hope, East Delhi.

This time I  took two new people with me: Mandy, who works with me as a foot health practitioner and Millie, a friend’s daughter who is taking a gap year after completing her degree in animal science.

We decided before we left that the three of us would be most effective if we worked as a team promoting the prevention of foot ulceration by educating the leprosy patients about good, regular foot care. As a result, we spent most of our days not only treating foot wounds but also encouraging patients without ulceration to come to clinic so that they could soak their feet in bowls of warm water which we provided for them.

Mandy and I then assessed their feet and removed any hard skin/callus which could potentially cause ulceration. We, then, taught them how to file down their hard skin and issued them with a foot file. Finally, we applied Vaseline while explaining the importance of this as a daily regime to keep their skin soft and flexible.

Millie was responsible for making bespoke but simple insoles for their shoes to replace their worn-out ones and to reduce pressure on vulnerable areas. She also kept a record of the work we were doing.

In total we saw 166 people, prevented approximately 94 wounds, treated 43 pairs of hands and Millie made 49 pairs of insoles.

Distributing tricyles for World Leprosy Day

The highlight of our two weeks was World Leprosy Day when we were able to distribute the tricycles we had raised money for. These tricycles give independence and mobility to amputees and to those with foot ulceration who should be resting to allow their wounds to heal.

Each one costs £100 and despite funding a total of 57 we were informed that there is still a waiting list of at least 60 people.


My future plans are to continue to help support the bandaging units financially, which require £600/month to staff and stock with bandages, as well as continue to fund raise for more tricycles. I am also raising awareness of the Village of Hope within my profession in the hope that some of them will be inspired to visit and put their skills to good use.

If you would like to make a donation then please go to the following link and choose Village of Hope from the drop down fund menu.

Thank you.





Build Date: 05/02/2020